Use or brush aside policy

The saying “Without Nile, there is no Egypt,” has implication on the significance of water for the prosperity of Egypt. As Nile is the longest river in the world, the river cuts... Read more »

A state that boasts the bigger slice of the tourism pie

  Tigray Tourism; Some 72,000 foreign tourists visited Tigray in 9 months Garners US $100 mln (2.9 bln. Birr) Ethiopia abounds in many historical, natural and manmade heritages and treasures. Tigray State,... Read more »

Tihilo: Favorite traditional dish

Ethiopia is one of the ancient countries in the world. It boasts more than 3,000 years of magnificent history and civilization. The Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of the country have their own... Read more »

Human’s best friend

Indeed human’s best friend! This dog deserves all the participation trophies from the green legacy initiative. The instinctive nature of a dog has compelled it to plant trees spontaneously for the furtherance... Read more »

The day dedicated to the fair sex

The time is just coming. The days when we can watch beautiful, confident and jubilant girls with smile stamped faces, amazing costumes and beautiful hair dos in groups pour out into the... Read more »

Ethiopia’s green legacy blueprint for generations, inspiration for the rest of the world

On a perfect refreshing Monday morning here in Addis Ababa, groups after groups of people were seen carrying saplings and heading to nearby designated spots to transplant trees in what is the... Read more »

Permanent suffering in maternal inner- being

In the beholder, suffering is permanent with mothers who are responsible for taking care of a household. A selfless or unconditional love of a mother for her family is evident. It is... Read more »

Mercato deserves a museum as a potential tourist attraction

The history of Mercato, the biggest open-air market in Africa, as it has been advertised in old tourist posters, is now shedding its old and shabby face and assuming new looks that... Read more »

The spiritual dimension of Ethiopian coffee ceremony

 A long longtime ago, a young shepherd somewhere in what was then known as Kaffa district in Ethiopia observed his goats scamper with high spirits after eating some shrubs nearby and was... Read more »

Nothing comes out of a vacuum

Purification is taken as state of the mind’s art which enables people to strive hard to scrutinize and filter-out rubbish and mumbo-jumbo staffs from the mind state. Though expecting perfection in the... Read more »