Chinese traditions a key factor in its COVID-19 victory

“As you drive into the city in the dead of night with the lights on, it’s a ghost town,” recalled Dr. Bruce Aylward of virus-hit Wuhan during a nine-day field investigation into... Read more »

Accepting failure serve as spring board to success

 Book: THE ART OF LIVING DREAMS AUTHOR: ABRAHAM FESSEHAYE an Assistant Professor of OB-GYN Number of pages: 116 Review: By BACHA ZEWDIE Publisher: Central Printing Press Price: ETB 300.00/USD 15.00 It is... Read more »

Lockdown isn’t good news for all wildlife – many animals rely on humans for survival

From Venetian canals running clear, to herds of goats roaming around Llandudno, Wales, there have been claims of nature’s comeback since the start of lockdown. But recently, staff at the Meltham Wildlife... Read more »

New perspective not only for agriculture, export sector, but the whole economy

Various countries in the world and Africa have declared State of Emergency due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, many closed their doors, airports, schools, resorts, companies and... Read more »

“I appreciate the leadership of the government in taking a series of measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,” -Dr. Lidetu Alemu

 Today’s guest is Dr. Lidetu Alemu, a professor of organizational leadership at Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST). He holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University (St. Davids, Pennsylvania, USA).... Read more »

A Tale of two animals

Through time and from various perspectives animals have never been detached from human societies. Anthropologists have the phenomenon called “totemism”. It is a belief in which humans are said to have kinship,... Read more »

UAE eyes people- to- people ties to elevate relations with Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA- The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has strengthened its diplomatic and economic relations with Ethiopia through people-to-people ties, the country’s Embassy to Ethiopia said. In commemoration of Zayed Humanitarian Day, the... Read more »

Ethiopia, Eritrea showcase solidarity amid pandemic

– Abiy, Isaias inaugurate irrigation project, visit seedlings nurseries and JoyTech Farm ADDIS ABABA- The inauguration of Meki- Zeway Irrigation Development project is showcasing that Ethiopia and Eritrea spare no effort in improving... Read more »

Renewing commitments to see prosperous Ethiopia

Today is the 79th Ethiopian Patriots’ Victory Day. The holiday commemorates the brave resistance of Ethiopia’s people against the Italian invasion of the 1930’s and, more specifically, the victory in Addis Ababa... Read more »

Coronavirus economic pain

Once world’s major and booming economies are now extremely hit by coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has plunged the US and European countries in never- seen deepest recession period. This recession is obviously incomparable... Read more »