Diplomacy with spectacular success

There is no argument what so ever about Ethiopia’s growing reputation in the regional and international diplomacy. The country’s upswing in its soft power diplomacy performance is evident with its increasing involvement... Read more »

Nation bracing itself for Tomorrow’s world record campaign

Ever since his entrance to Arat- Kilo Palace, premier Abiy has been putting himself and Ethiopia in international media spotlight on several occasions: He become the youngest serving African leader, realized peace... Read more »

Ethiopia, Eritrea to bolster peace and development cooperation

The frequency and the speed of the shuttle diplomacy between Addis Ababa and Asmara could not be any better. The leaders of the two countries and their deputies are on restless move... Read more »

Quality Higher Education

Following is the story a mechanical engineering graduate featured in an article that appeared on Allafrica.com . Ismael Nasser, 25, graduated from Addis Ababa University last year in mechanical engineering. Since his... Read more »

The Indispensable Role of CSOs

Few years ago I used to live in one of the wretched corners of Addis. I can tell for sure none of the countless successive mayors have ever set foot on that... Read more »

Illicit Trade-is it that Ugly and Rampant?

“As the [African] continent moves towards deeper integration, illicit trade is set only to increase. Porous borders facilitate the illegal flows that form a very real threat to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s... Read more »

Students’ Volunteerism Past and Present, and why Now?

“Give the devil his due!” This saying bewilders me. What due could ever be given to the devil? But I can fathom the message bottled inside the proverb. Both the Derg and... Read more »

Ethiopia’s bid to negotiate Peace in Sudan

 (Ethiopia and Sudan – exemplary neighborliness) If you request a couple of aficionados of modern Ethiopian music to short list their top five irreplaceable Ethiopian vocalists, one of the names scoring the... Read more »