Horrors of terrorist TPLF gang rapes against underage girls, women

Among the gruesome atrocities that carry the hallmark of war crimes committed by the terrorist TPLF group against civilian communities is grave sexual abuse. The group committed gang rapes against women including... Read more »

The Ethiopian Diaspora: A massive game changer

BY FITSUM GETACHEW There seems to lack an accurate and well documented account of how many Ethiopians or now owners of a foreign passport but are of Ethiopian origin exist in the... Read more »

A wise decision that foiled enemy’s plot

BY KFLEEYESUS ABEBE Recently, the terrorist TPLF group suffered humiliating defeats on war fronts at the hands of the Ethiopian allied forces, reversing the group’s brief period of empty bravado. The dramatic... Read more »

No Spine Strong Enough!

Looking at all the mess in the world you wonder what God would have said if you have the chance to talk to him. “Dear God, how do you explain all this?”... Read more »

Empty Grain Sacks and Four thousand-birr Shoes!

Ephrem Endale  Contributer  With the Ethiopian Christmas just around the corner the next few days are going be rather hectic with locals flooding the holiday markets. Yes, we’re in economically trying times;... Read more »

A Necessary and Timely Move

 BY SOLOMON WASSIHUN The series of breaking news we have been hearing over the last few weeks were about the latest progress on military victories of the gallant Ethiopian forces fighting the... Read more »

2021: A year of perseverance, success in the face of unwarranted pressure

The year 2021 has been a year of both defining success and trying setbacks. From accomplishing the second phase filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the global trending no more movement... Read more »

Terrorist TPLF’s ignorance to international law

The treacherous act of terrorist Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) has dragged the country into conflict since last November. The government returned the attack of its northern command of the army with... Read more »

AGOA as a political tool

BY ADDISALEM MULAT The U.S. for long has been trying to justify its unfair sanctions and pressure against Ethiopia as a tool to influence the political leadership of Ethiopia. But last week,... Read more »

Sugarcoating terrorist TPLF’s humiliating defeat as withdrawal

Engaging in dangerous adventures that killed hundreds of thousands of Tigray youth, the terrorist TPLF group was heavily defeated on battlefields by the gallant forces of Ethiopians. The group has received humiliating... Read more »