Tis-Isat Falls – Water that smokes

 COMPILED BY STAFF REPORTER  Known locally as Tis-Isat Falls – ‘Smoke of Fire’ – is a waterfall on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. The Blue Nile Falls is the most dramatic... Read more »

Accomplishing second phase filling of GERD

BY YOHANES JEMANEH  Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE) announced that the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been completed successfully. It is remembered that the country... Read more »

Ethiopia, the most fascinating places on earth

Ethiopia, the enthralling land of origins, is home to diverse landscapes, deserts, volcanoes, highlands, and of course the famous rock-hewn churches. Ethiopia’s unique combination of culture, deep rooted history and stunning landscape... Read more »

Ethiopia: A destination with a rich variety of attractions

“Ethiopia has a lot to offer to tourists: from the Blue Nile falls to world-class archaeological sites and warm and welcoming people. Ethiopian Airlines, which also has daily flights between Addis Ababa... Read more »

Incredible lakes to visit in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is richest of its attracting water surfaces. This water surface includes lakes, rivers and some others. Here are some of the most predominant and attractive lakes that are recommended by the... Read more »

Bilalul Habeshi Community Museum

Ethiopia is a country where Muslims and Christians live together with a sense of fraternity and companionship, solidarity and togetherness supporting each other in both good and bad times. Even, a family... Read more »

Edir, Equb,for mutual benefits, to lessen societal burden

When it is said Ethiopia is a unique country, it is not simply to say it. Rather, it is with a number of reasons. Ethiopia is a country endowed with innumerable blessings.... Read more »

Reinforcing TVET institute, an engine to realize promised development agendas

Academic centers have a key role to realize development if they invest on both theoreti­cal and practical trainings. Technical Voca­tional and Educational Training (TVET) is an engine to foster development. In this... Read more »

A mighty land under universe horizon

The world has been composed of more than two hundred countries with their own sovereignty, governing form, territorial demarcation and all other criteria to be an independent. Of the more than 200... Read more »

Together strong, united unbeatable

Ethiopia is a multi‐ethnic nation with diversified cultural practices, traditional values and norms, languages and religions. The nation is also a country where Christians and Muslims have been living for centuries peacefully... Read more »