Debunking atrocity and partaking in green legacy

 Last Monday, a photo exhibition that debunks the atrocities inflicted on civilians by terrorist TPLF was opened at The Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA). Various government officials, religious leaders and invited guests attended... Read more »

Happy Genna

BY TEWODROS KASSA Ethiopia has numerous unique tangible and intangible cultural and religious heritages registered under the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) prestigious list. Among the many, the Rock-Hewn... Read more »

Welcome to Ethiopia!

Numerous Ethiopian Diasporas and friends of Ethiopia are marching to the homeland, Ethiopia following the recently announced Great Ethiopians Homecoming Challenge. The Diasporas and friends of Ethiopia are coming to Ethiopia accepting... Read more »

“We will come to Ethiopia”: Ethiopian Diasporas, Ethiopia’s friends

According to different eyewitness accounts and recorded sources, some foreign countries’ embassies, international relief agencies, international media houses (CNN, BBC, and Aljazeera), western activists and individuals, among others have been vividly aggravating... Read more »

Addis, hotels ready to welcome Ethiopian Diasporas, friends of Ethiopia

 Following the great Ethiopians homecoming challenge, hotels and other tourist service providers in the capital, Addis Ababa and across the country are finalizing preparations to cordially welcome Ethiopian Diasporas and friends of... Read more »

Wonchi Crater Lake: ‘Best Tourism Village 2021’

Ethiopia is blessed with diversified natural and manmade tourist attractions. The nation is endowed with breathtaking tourist sites in all forms while moving from North to South, East to West and the... Read more »

The great Ethiopians homecoming challenge!

Today, Ethiopia highly demands the united hands of its children. The oldest, independent, and, glorious country is now under the threat of instability orchestrated by its internal traitors and neo-colonialists. The country’s... Read more »

History repeating itself

It was on 17 September 1895; Emperor Menelik II declared a total mobilization of war against the Fascist Italian Forces that invaded Ethiopia. At the time, the Emperor called on all Ethiopians,... Read more »

A wolf in sheep’s clothing won`t fool Ethiopians

Why do Americans care for us? Is that for the sake of Ethiopian interest or for their need? In its recent publication, Bloomberg has jotted down some points why Americans should intervene... Read more »

“We stand together until the end”

When we hear the name Ethiopia and Ethiopianism, a lot of things come to our mind. A country that is rich with centuries’ old original history and an independent nation that can... Read more »