Not the Nice World You Think it is!

It was supposed to be what one would have called a ‘done deal.’ You have had quite lengthy discussions and reached that proverbial ‘unanimous decision.’ (Somehow too many nerves in your anatomy... Read more »

‘The Single Story’

There is this Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie’s short video on YouTube where she talks about what she calls ‘The Danger of the Single Story.’ The delightfully eloquent and coherent lady she is... Read more »

Of Rich Widows & Deep Pockets

It’s not your Christmas kind of story; nothing to smile about. The wedding day was arranged for a couple of weeks after the coming lent fast. Already preparations were moving full speed... Read more »

No Spine Strong Enough!

Looking at all the mess in the world you wonder what God would have said if you have the chance to talk to him. “Dear God, how do you explain all this?”... Read more »

Empty Grain Sacks and Four thousand-birr Shoes!

Ephrem Endale  Contributer  With the Ethiopian Christmas just around the corner the next few days are going be rather hectic with locals flooding the holiday markets. Yes, we’re in economically trying times;... Read more »

From the UN with ‘Love!’

Several days back a UN agency once again called a meeting in Geneva not to discuss on Ethiopia, but top pass some biting resolution on it. The funny part is that nowadays... Read more »

“Withdrawal;” Really!

Ephrem Endale  Contributer  Having been following the ‘Western Media Brigade’s’ all-out attack on Ethiopia since the start of the war in the north it’s only natural to see what they’ve been saying... Read more »

Berlin 1884 – Geneva 2021! Was it the ‘curtain raiser?’

 Yes, as many are tweeting and posting it was Berlin 1884, and now it is Geneva 2021. ‘The white people’ getting together in that very Geneva where HIS made his famous speech,... Read more »

Bleeding from the eyes!

Ephrem Endale Contributer He’s at it again! They are at it again! The NYT-Declan Walsh propaganda-for-pay monster is roaring again. “The Nobel Peace Prize That Paved the Way for War,” screams the... Read more »

Me & My Friend – 3

Me: I hear you’re packing. Him: Word travels fast, doesn’t it? Me: It sure does. So finally, they make you change your mind. Him: What’re you talking about? Me: I mean all... Read more »