Fastening on new money creation a way for booming economy

BY HIZKEL HAILU Economists believe that many investors in Ethiopia seem to prefer investing their wealth on the service sectors than manufacturing. They also agree that private banks are also striving for... Read more »

Socio-economic reform to build prosperous country

BY HIZKEL HAILU Evidence from time to time indicates that much of the economic activity in Ethiopia prior to the reform had not been successful and had not brought the country to... Read more »
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GERD’s economic significance to Ethiopia, theHorn of Africa

 BY TEWODROS KASSA Different researchers and economists said that the economic significance of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is inarguable and not suspicious. Generally, GERD is believed to change economic and... Read more »

New economic opportunities of the post-2018 era

BY ABEBE WOLDEGIORGIS Evidently scholars agreed that Ethiopia is on a rapid reform activity since the coming of the reformist leader Prime Minister Abiy Ahimed (Ph.D.) to power. Economic reform is among... Read more »

Small Scale Irrigation and Rural Development in Ethiopia

BY GETACHEW MINAS Ethiopia is one of the largest and highly populated countries in Africa. It has tremendous natural wealth including land and water resources. It has, however, mixed experiences with promoting... Read more »

Agriculture sector needs significant attention

BY ABEBE WOLDEGIORGIS Though agriculture sector faced surmounting challenges, it remained the mainstay of the nation’s economy. The government long ago prioritized the sector and took various measures and among others enhancing... Read more »

Timely supply of agricultural inputs for better crop yield

BY MUSSA MUHAMMED Soil fertility has a key role in improving agricultural productivity in an agriculture-based economy and environmental protection as a whole. The success of most of the development aspirations of... Read more »

Cooperative unions: Potentials to become engines for industrialization

Cooperative Unions are playing a dominant role in igniting trade and industrialization. They are contributing an indispensable role in rural development efforts. As the capital of each cooperative union grows, it embarks... Read more »

Ethiopia to construct a chemical-free wastewater treatment plant in Addis Ababa

The government of Ethiopia is set to construct a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 15 m³ (3,962 gallons/day) plant (STP) in one of the Ethiopian Water Development Commission buildings in... Read more »

Coffee’s contribution for comprehensive development of Ethiopia

Coffee, the second largest export commodity next to crude oil, has now begun to grab the attention of the globe. As it is very influential commodity that contributed to the comprehensive evolution... Read more »