UN Under US’s Spell

One of the hottest news of the past week reminds me of an African proverb that says: the chicken is always guilty in the fox’s court. Whichever side it sits in the... Read more »

Irrefutable testimonies ignored by the UN

Lately, Ethiopia expelled seven members of the UN stating their misconducts openly to the UN itself and the international community at large. Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed in a letter saying... Read more »

Building strong institutions way forward to combat corruption, malpractices

Recently, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed while addressing the inagural ceremony of the new government stressed that the government will seriously fight corruption and other related malpractices that will challenge the nation in... Read more »

Hoax story about Ethiopian Airlines: Part, parcel of ongoing foreign pressure against Ethiopia

The reputable Ethiopian Airlines has been staying afloat during this trying COVID-19 pandemic despite the staggering economic impact on the aviation industry. The Airlines has been transporting vaccines and medical equipment to... Read more »

New beginnings, vibrant parliament

 Ethiopians go to polls to elect their representatives for the two decisive houses every five years: The House of Peoples’ Representatives and the House of Federation. The party which got the majority... Read more »

Strategies of the West: Denying, defaming and sanctioning

It has been quite a while since the global media and their paymasters waged information warfare against Ethiopia. The spread of fake news and misinformation have been meant to put pressure on... Read more »

National dialogue for nation building

As tourists and locals describe it, Ethiopia is a beautiful country with beautiful landscape, rich history, culture and wisdom. But as the same time, it is among the poorest nations in the... Read more »

Scaling up geopolitical presences in the strategic location of the Red Sea

Staging a historic and democratic poll last June, Ethiopia on Monday inaugurated a new government headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Fostering Horn Africa integration and increasing presence and geopolitical engagement are... Read more »

Defending Ethiopia’s interest in and across the Red Sea: At the helm of newly inaugurated government

After a democratic election, Ethiopia formed a new government yesterday giving a new five-year mandate to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who was automatically appointed by the House of Peoples Representatives. The Prosperity... Read more »

Statehood referendums: Federalism in action

Though Ethiopia’s constitution grants Nations, Nationalities, and People’s of Ethiopia to self-rule and determination, the TPLF-led regime had been ignoring the public demand for a long before being removed from office in... Read more »