Ethiopians have won global confidence

Despite some minor differences for various reasons, Ethiopians have always glued themselves whenever bad times come. A number of organizations in different parts of the world and Ethiopians residing abroad and friends... Read more »

“Together, we shall overcome”

Day after day our screens are filled with harrowing images of hospitals overrun, lines of people waiting desperately for a hospital bed or oxygen for a loved one. As the number of... Read more »
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No country remains immune unless vaccine inequality curbed

In the present climate, the distribution and administration of COVID-19 vaccination are improving in the developed nations that have strong economy and production capacity. Owing to their economic muscle, developed nations have... Read more »

Did Ethiopia’s ancient realm cover Southern Atlantic Ocean?

 “The Atlantic Ocean was known as Ethiopian Ocean until the 19th century,” reads text on a graphic posted on Instagram last month. It includes what looks like a part of an old... Read more »

No one is safe until all of us are safe: Overcoming vaccine inequality

Nowadays, vaccines inequality is being manifested between developing and developed nations on the grounds that producers give prominence to the latter with a view to ending the COVID-19 pandemic at the earliest... Read more »

Empowering youth, women in renewable energy sector

The African energy sector needs the increased role of women and young people. Recently, the Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa Foundation (RES4Africa) and Ethiopian Women in Energy (EWiEn) signed a Memorandum of... Read more »

The world breaths again as justice or George Floyd’s served

BY ADDISALEM MULAT Following the killing of George Floyd, an African-American man, by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had broken the hearts of all and sundry worldwide. On the grounds of... Read more »

Curbing senior citizens’ challenges during COVID 19

BY BETELHEM BEDLU The Coronavirus pandemic still remains to be a huge threat for senior citizens across the world. In a research conducted on more than 44 thousand COVID-19 patients in China,... Read more »

Supporting youth’s innovative local solutions to address impact of COVID-19

COMPILED BY HAFTU GEBREZGABIHER Initiative led by the world’s six largest youth organizations and supported by the World Health Organization and United Nations Foundation will fund the work of young people in... Read more »

Peace and security in Africa: how China can help address weaknesses

From: the African leaders have committed themselves to ending armed conflict on the continent and promoting lasting peace and economic prosperity. This is in keeping with the African Union’s blueprint for... Read more »