When so-called ‘saving a country’ missions go wrong

The world is witnessing humanitarian imperialism in which developed countries impose their interests in less developed countries on the pretext of humanitarian aid. Rich countries through their servant humanitarian agencies and rights... Read more »

Nations climate commitment through NDCs

It is generally agreed that climate is a global good. It does not have a border. As a result, when one part of the world causes damage to climate the impact will... Read more »

Global media’s misinformation from election to inauguration

From election to inauguration times, some international media outlets have tried to paint a negative picture despite the glittering democratic achievement in the history of the country. The global cables have also... Read more »

How vaccine discrimination, nationalism fail combating COVID 19

It is to be recalled that the EU and some countries have put travel restriction on people who got vaccinated with specific anti COVID 19 vaccines like the Indian made astrazeneca. But... Read more »

Ethio-China’s decades of relations in global arena

Unlike the West, China has been following a more neutral approach in the internal affairs of developing nations. It has been voicing its concern concerning foreign intervention in international and other platforms.... Read more »

Guteres urges leaders to take quick action to rescue planet from climate change

“The world is not hopeless or helpless,” said Antonio Guteres, UN Secretary General addressing the 76 session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) is going on at the UN headquarter putting... Read more »

Peace through strength

To be located in the Horn of Africa is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because it is an excellent strategic location with major trade sea lanes and... Read more »

 Clean environment for a productive, healthy generation The fourth World Cleanup Day was celebrated on Saturday, 18 September 2021 by different waste cleaning activities across the globe in towns and cities. Tens... Read more »

Humanitarians must be non-partisans

Humanitarian agencies play a major role in bettering the state of the natural setting, boosting the performance of human rights and enlightening the wellbeing of the underprivileged. However, there are tangible worries... Read more »

Diasporas new remittance channel on a New Year

Ethiopian New Year is the first day of the month of Meskerem, which compares to 11 September on the Gregorian Calendar. It is also known as “Enkutatash” and celebrated as a public... Read more »