GERD serves common interest of Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan

When the 3rd round SMS 8100A fundraising program for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was launched at the Grand Palace in presence of President Sahle-Work Zewde and other dignitaries , the president said :“For us Ethiopians, GERD is more than a development project as it is the symbol of endurance and strong commitment for a cause. The flagship project is a demonstration that Ethiopians would accomplish the seemingly impossible when they join hands. ”

Indeed, with active public to actively participate in the 3rd round SMS 8100A fundraising program for GERD, Ethiopians will finalize the construction of GERD in the near future.

It is true that the whole world understands Ethiopia‘s interest which is reducing poverty properly exploiting its natural resources without harming the interests of downstream countries apart from making the Horn region free of conflict and becoming a center for growth and development working in collaboration with its neighbors and downstream countries.

Apparently, Egypt’s recent stance on GERD that is making GERD to be international issue will not stop Ethiopia from realizing this flagship project this is because Ethiopia has the full right to exploit its natural resources and build its dam.

It is by far better to Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to work in unison in a bid to properly make use of GERD as it is one of the natural potentials that can meet the ever-increasing demand of electricity. The existing differences on GERD between Ethiopia and Egypt must be resolved only through tripartite talks but seeking other solutions will further complicit the matter only.

One must not forget that Ethiopia and Egypt have long-standing brotherhood relations that will remain for ages .Thus, the issue of GERD will be resolved by avoiding harms on one another through negotiations and understanding.

It is a sheer fact that Ethiopia and Egypt have been here together for thousands of years, and will remain here for other thousands years. In general, GERD serves the common interest of Ethiopia,Egypt and Sudan as it is being built in such a way to not cause a significant harm to the downstream countries.

The Ethiopian Herald, March 10/2020

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