Institute launches five-day cholera treatment campaign in five states


 WEST GUJI ZONE, OROMIA- The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Health Bureaus of five states has officially launched a five day Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) campaign.

The treatment campaign launched yesterday in Sidama, Gambela, South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples, Somali and Oromia States aims to reduce cholera induced death by 90 percent by 2030.

During the launching ceremony held in West Guji Zone, Abaya Woreda of Oromia Regional State, EPHI Deputy Director General Aschalew Abayneh stated that the vaccination helps to tremendously prevent the highly transmitted but easily treated Cholera across the nation.

Pledging religious leaders, elders, the community, the government and development partners to work jointly with the institute to mitigate the pandemic, Aschalew noted that the vaccination will address more than 140 thousand Abaya Woreda residents who are above the age of 1 year.

He further stated that the institute in collaboration with the ministry of health and other partners has planned to reduce 90 percent of the cholera induced death by 2030. “If we work together, we will avoid each social, economic and political problem other than pandemics like cholera and Covid-19”, he asserted.

Speaking to The Ethiopian Herald Deputy Head of Oromia Health Bureau Dr. Dereje Abdela said that the vaccination will help residents of the region and visitors from the communicable disease.

Mentioning that more than 1,200 people have been affected by the disease during this fiscal year, he stressed that his office is trying to address potable water for its residents coupled with creating awareness about how people can protect themselves from the disease.

As to him through the awareness creation campaigns for the people, 85 percent of the total population have access to toilets in their residential compounds of which 52 percent meet standard quality.

Therefore the bureau in collaboration with UNHCR is working ardently in keeping private and community hygiene and capacity building programs for the health officers, he noted.

Similarly, Dr. Sali Kinta West Guji Zone Health Department Head and Yakob Halaba Health Officer at Abaya Woreda underlined that they are providing the vaccination for the community in line with Covid-19 prevention mechanisms recommended by WHO and Ministry of Health.

They further called on the public to use this golden opportunity in order to prevent and control the disease, adding to the point that since the vaccination covers only 65 percent of the treatment the rest 35 percent should be prevented by self-treatment and keeping private and public hygiene.

In addition to Ethiopia, cholera pandemic was spread in different countries like India, Yemen, Mozambique, Congo, Canada and other countries in the world and in Africa particularly, Aschalew added.

The Ethiopian Herald  31  December 2020

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