Agency urges Civil Society Organizations to impartially act


ADDIS ABABA – Agency for Civil Society Organization (CSOs) and Consortium for Human Rights Organizations announced that civil society organizations should entertain their responsibilities with an impartial approach.

Civil Society Organization (CSOs) Director-General, Jimma Delbo, told The Ethiopian Herald that his organization is working closely with various organizations in addressing societal issues with free from any political affiliation and partisan sentiment.

As to him, the Agency is scrupulously monitoring organizations supportively evaluating their participation whether they run activities in line with the intended national missions.

“We will never negotiate with organizations which would like to ratify hidden missions, and even their act will result in cancelation of legal certificates if biased undertakings are investigated,” he told.

He further said that electoral issues and human rights reports shall be entertain with independent and unprejudiced mentality.

Mesud Gebeyehu, Consortium of Human Rights Organizations Head also said that civil societies are expected to be non-partisan, non-political and independent actors.

“In my view, he said, it is possible to forward ideas based on viable evidences and plausible data collecting from organizations working on the spot; the Consortium is working in close collaboration with appropriate human right and democracy based organizations.”

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