Center streamlining research to boost dairy production


ADDIS ABABA – Debre Berhan Agricultural Research Center announced that it is conducting research to increase milk production. The research center is developing various strategies to meet the growing demand for milk and dairy products in and around Debre Berhan area.

According to the Center’s Public Relations Officer Shambel Besufekad, the center is providing natural and artificial insemination services for farmers to improve the breeds of dairy cows.

In addition to improving the quality of dairy cows, the research center is also introducing improved fodder varieties to farmers to increase milk production. This will help increase animal productivity by improving animal nutrition, he said.

He noted that the research center is working on improving animal health while disease prevention and control activities are given utmost attention in parallel with breeding and fodder supply.

Debre Berhan Agricultural Research Center is one of the areas where research is underway to improve dairy production in Angolela Tera Woreda in the dairy sector. In Cheki Kebele the research center is providing technologies that can increase milk production for farmers.

The Ethiopian herald January 9/2021

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