Grand donation for grand projects


In the present climate, Ethiopian Diasporas residing in various parts of the world have been standing by the side of their motherland more than ever before. They every once in a while give priority to their motherland more than anything under the sun.

Similarly, Ethiopian Diasporas have been partaking in a wide spectrum of development activities surfacing in various parts of the country to take the country to new heights in a short space of time.

As things stand at present, Ethiopian Diasporas have been donating money for constructing and beautifying Gorgora, Wonchi and Koysha sites located in various parts of the country. In more specific terms, the locations can steal the attention of anyone at the stroke of a pen without any doubt.

Speaking of which, Gorgora is found in Amhara regional state. It is a town positioned south of Gondar on the north shore of Lake Tana. More to the point, Wonchi and Koysha are located in Oromia and Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples States respectively.

As learnt from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Diasporas residing in the length and breadth of the world were able to donate 27 million Birr to support the ‘Gebeta Le Hager’ Project.

In an interview Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia gave to the Ethiopian News Agency said, “Ethiopian Diasporas residing in various parts of the world have been supporting ‘Gebeta Le Hager’ Project.

The projects are going to be constructed in the Oromia State, Amhara State, and Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ State.

By the same token, Ethiopian Diasporas have been pulling out all the stops to turn the vision of the government into reality on a number of occasions.

Over and above that, Ethiopian Diasporas residing in the left, right and center of the world have been standing by the side of the government for the realization of the Koysha, Gorgora, and Wonchi projects greater than ever.

As to Ambassador Birtukan, this year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has planned to collect 50 million Birr from Ethiopian Diasporas. Even though it was initially planned to collect 15 million Birr in the second quarter of the fiscal year we ended up collecting 27 million Birr.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) said, “The design teams for Koysha, Wenchi and Gorgora sites have been doing commendable work that aims to capitalize

 on existing natural attributes. As Dine for Ethiopia date approaches, appreciation is to all those that are placing their print on these national projects.”

In a previous interview with The Ethiopian Herald Dr. Ayalew Sisay, former Addis Ababa Tourism Commission Commissioner said, “Hadn’t it been the case of COVID-19, Ethiopia would have attracted quite a lot of tourists from different parts of the world and earned a great deal of foreign currency due to the newly set up eye-catching scenes such as Friendship Park and Entoto Park, and Sheger Park.

Despite the pandemic burden, the effort of the Premier is a great contribution to the development of tourism, unquestionably. At the time that I was the commissioner of Addis Ababa, I had a problem where to take tourists who came to Addis for a couple of days.

They moved for an hour or so in Addis and required many more to see. Simply, there were challenges to host them as they demanded. In the first place, there were no enough places to take them to. Everything was not at our disposal.”

The Prime Minster has planned to carry out a multitude of tasks at the national level. For instance, the projects commenced at Koysha, Gorgora, Wonchi, and others are the starting points for national tourism development.

In the future, there will be many tourist attractions throughout the country as the promotion takes a top-down momentum. “He is concerned about this tourism development and I am lucky enough to see all these facilities,” Dr. Ayalew noted.

 According to Selamawit Dawit, Director General of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Ethiopian Diasporas have been supporting the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and ‘Gebeta Le Hager’ projects on several occasions.

What is more, they push the edge of envelope to take the nation to the next chapter of affluence and growth. They challenge every barrier to lift their motherland time and time again.

“For us, Ethiopians residing all over the world are considered as diaspora. They could be Ethiopians or Ethiopian origins and they may have different views on political, economic, social, and other related issues at home.

Despite these apparent differences, the agency strives that the diaspora takes interest in national affairs by creating bonds that materialize their part as citizens.”

According to information obtained from the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency website, aside from coordinating the efforts of Ethiopian Diaspora and foreign nationals to volunteer in education, health, community services and other sectors, the Diaspora Associations and Charities Welfare Department works to strengthen the Diaspora Associations at the foreign and national level.

The Diaspora Associations coordinates the establishment of various types of charitable institutions in their countries and strengthen existing institutions through financial, professional and material support.

Furthermore, the association works intending to create a union between the various organizations established by the Ethiopian Diaspora and Ethiopian nationals living in various parts of the world.

The Ethiopian Herald January 24/2021

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