Ministry lauds outgoing AU chairperson’s role in GERD talks


ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Ethiopia said that it has appreciated the outgoing African Union (AU) Chairperson South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa for his relentless efforts in bringing the tripartite parties together to find possible solutions regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

This week, FDRE President Sahlework Zewde paid a working visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania where she held discussions with the leaders of the two countries on bilateral, regional, and continental issues.

The leaders were highlighted on the importance of enhancing the partnership between countries in all fields. Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi will be taking over the AU chairmanship from the South African President next week.

Taking the principle of finding African solutions to African problems into account, he will be presiding over the tripartite negotiations on the GERD.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Ambassador Dina Mufti told The Ethiopian Herald that Ethiopia is committed to the negotiation regarding the GERD project so as to reap mutual benefit without harming

 one another. Ethiopia would like to succeed the process as it is the stanch supporters and proponents of the idea of African solutions to African problems.

“We would like to appreciate and thank them for what South Africa has done to bring together the three countries, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, so as to pursue the negotiation smoothly despite all hindrance.

We also wonder if a Congolese side also will take a lead from South Africa and we should continue from where we have stopped and hopefully the trilateral negotiation under African Union initiative will continue.”

What Ethiopia has been telling the downstream countries from the very beginning is that the dam will not harm them and it does not want to harm them as the dam is being built complying with the international law and regulations, he

 said, adding: “The negotiation will continue and I hope we will agree on the filling process. Concerning Sudanese withdrawal from AU negotiation, we expect they will come back as we’ll them that ‘we can solve our problems by ourselves.’”

Regarding the Ethio-Sudan border conflict, Amb. Dina said that the rest of the world has to understand that Ethiopia and Sudan’s have long aged relationship and historic people to people ties, and both want the relation to be strengthened as the conflict doesn’t benefit the people of the two countries and that of the region in general.

Regarding the law enforcement process, he stated that now it is time for reconstruction and treating traumas and back internally displaced people to revive.

The Ethiopian Herald January 30/2021

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