Ethiopia opts to utilize digital market


ADDIS ABABA – Incorporating Information Technology in all pillars of Ten-Year Development Plan will enhance the economic transformation as it is a viable avenue for generating new and rewarding job opportunities especially for the youth.

Senior Digital Economy Advisor Mayriam Said said that Ethiopia has a huge potential of digital economy; hence, the focus on technological advancement to realize Digital Ethiopia by 2025 is expected to generate a tremendous market opportunities.

Myriam disclosed that the 72 percent youth population is an indicator of the potential and demand for digital economy provided that an enabling opportunity is created for them. The inauguration of Artificial Intelligence Center is an excellent beginning.

She added that the country has taken the step of embedding digital economy in the national plan. Fiber connectivity, establishment of national digital identification, interoperable payment platform, e-commerce and e-government are among the focus areas of national plan.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has introduced digital skills action plan to include innovative skills in the TVET and higher education since incorporating innovation in the commercial education is of paramount importance in penetrating the digital market, she noted.

The commercial education aided with innovation and creativity action plan will equip the graduates with all the necessary skills including artificial intelligence.

New rewarding job opportunities will appear along with the digital advancement. The digital economy is preferred by the youth population since it is exciting and advancing, Mayriam said.

The expert stressed that institutions need to cultivate the culture of innovation and creativity since it simplifies processes, increase accuracy, and boost productivity. Building digital skills, having improved regulation, ensuring strong cyber security are among the requirements for better digital market.

The government needs to formulate laws and policies that enhance digital economy. The laws should create an opportunity for the private sector to tap into the digital market.

The World Economic Forum predicts that 60 percent of the world economy will be digital by 2022. Economic competitiveness is measured by how well the economy is digitalized.

The Ethiopian Herald January 30/2021

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