University stresses Enset production, development modernization


ADDIS ABABA – Arba-Minch University said that it has strived for modernizing the production and development of Enset crop via research and study to help support the effort of ensuring food security.

Addisu Fekadu (Ph.D), Biotechnology Lecturer and Researcher at Arba-Minch University told The Ethiopian Herald that the university has been conducting different researches, applying latest technologies, among others, thereby modernizing Enset production and development targeting at benefiting the community.

Enset crop is a special treasure that the country has owned, but it hasn’t been effectively utilized. Enset, a staple food for about 20 million people, has a capacity to ensure food security. However, the country has lost this true treasure as it didn’t utilize it properly and efficiently, he said.

 According to the researcher, there is 24 to 25 percent of Enset product wastage as a result of lack of proper procedure and consumption. Even a large number of people have over 100 Enset plants individually, but only a small share of it is utilized using modern technology. Applying modern technology and systems on Enset processing and production will have a potential to penetrate African and world market.

In a research conducted in areas such as Sidama, SNNPR and some parts of Oromia, there is a high level of wastage while processing Enset in traditional ways and transportation. “If we use it properly and efficiently, the crop is high income generating one. However, the concerned bodies didn’t give due emphasis to it.”

According to him, the university has been conducting research on Enset to widely utilize it for food and income generation.

 Producing, developing and utilizing it in a modern way especially by applying new technologies and systems will make it much more productive in several ways including its high drought resistance capacity and others.

“If due attention is given for the plant, its service will be equal to Teff. And it is an important product to ensure food security in the country.”

The country has not yet utilized a quarter of its Enset product. Currently, some of the famers are removing the plant and replacing it with Khat and other plants following the less attention it has received from concerned bodies and stakeholders.

However, Arba-Minch University has been conducting research to make it more productive by preparing modern fermentation pots and yeast to benefit the community. Moreover, it has been

 working to foster the increased awareness of the community. Collaboration of all stakeholders is highly needed to outreach the result of the research to the community, he underlined.

The Ethiopian Herald February 3/2021

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