Ethiopia plans to raise telecom penetration to 85%


ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of Finance (MoF) said that plan set to enhance the country’s telecom penetration rate to 85 percent by 2030 and ensure world-class telecom industry with a robust private sector contribution.

Finance State Minister Eyob Tekalign (PhD) appeared recently in a conversational platform titled Policy Matters, hosted by the Office of the Prime Minister, to explainthe

telecom sector reform, which is being part of the larger Ten Years Perspective Plan.

Noting the Ten Years Perspective Plan puts telecom advancement at the heart of economic transformation, Eyob said in the conversation that boosting private sector’s participation in the telecom industry is government’s priority.

Cognizant of the role of the telecommunication sector in creating massive job opportunities, efforts are underway to recruit more talented university and college graduates who are interested in innovation and creativity to Ethio-telecom, the state minister elaborated. Furthermore, independent committee was established to regulate the performance the telecom service provider.

Eyob further stated the importance of digital economy and digital transformation in enabling both public and private institutions to provide quality services.

Accordingly, e-commerce has made a significant contribution to service sector as well. Online business registration and licensing service that has been launched by the Ministry of Trade and Industry could be a typical indicator of the move. “These are markers of the relevance of the reform for the Ethiopian economy.”

He reaffirmed government’s commitment to support domestic businesses who wish to invest in the telecom industry.

MoF has been implementing a sustainable financial system which could curb some of the constraints investors had encountered previously. Thus, the reform focuses on mobilizing the available financial resources thereby bringing significant change.

Eyob restated that digital Ethiopia is the center of the Ten Years Perspective Plan. The digital market has the potential to generate millions of job opportunities in the innovation and technology sector.

The project would digitalize the export whereby goods and services are rendered online package and transportation of goods to various destinations.

The digitalization initiatives are achievable since the project has been thought of and is bringing a fruitful result, the state minister noted.

The Ethiopian Herald February 12/2021

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