Ethiopia annually losses 67.4 million USD due to acidic soil

Over 63,000 hectares of land to be treated BY YESUF ENDRIS

 ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopia annually lose up to 67.4 million USD due to 43 percent of its total farm lands have been infected with acidic content, Ministry of Agriculture revealed (MoA) said.

During a discussion he held with stakeholders yesterday, Agriculture State Minister Sani Redi stated that soil acidity has remained a challenge in Ethiopia’s efforts to ensure food self-sufficiency and for the agricultural sector at large.

“We call all stakeholders to pay national campaign over the issue. And we will work closely with actors including the private sector to facilitate the campaign to make liming as primary solution to treat infected farming.” he said.

In a research Ministry’s Soil fertility Improvement Director Tefera Solomon conducted on the issue indicated that Ethiopia is losing more than 67.4 million USD per year. To counter the situation, it is planned to treat over 63,000 hectares of land with liming.

Tefera stated that 6.5 million hectares of land, which accounts over 43 percent of the total farming land has been infected with acidic content. Also, about 3.7 million hectares of land is severely damaged due to high acidic content.

To him, 1.74 million quintal fertilizer has been wasted with no service because of high acidic content in farm lands.

To address the problem, the MoA has been working with stakeholders particularly with lime manufacturers as it plans to use liming approach to treat the infected land, it was learnt.

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