Commission calls for streamlined Monitoring, Evaluation System


ADDIS ABABA — Planning and Development Commission announced that the ten Year development plan requires a result-oriented Monitoring and Evaluation System for better achievement.

Holding a joint discussion with chairpersons of the Standing Committee of the House of Peoples’ Representatives about the plan to be ratified by HPR, the commission stated that the office has prepared building blocks for further implementation of the Plan.

Briefing journalists on the issue, Commissioner Fitsum Assefa (Ph.D) avowed that the 10 year national development plan aiming at making Ethiopia an African Beacon of Prosperity is a problem resilient one, which could be easily adoptable to anybody who will come to government office through the upcoming national elections.

As to her, the plan is set based on the interest on the nation rather than the interest of a single party. Various discussions have been held with different stakeholders including politicians to cleanse a range of perplexity.

They have developed an automated reporting system for every public institution from the ministerial level to districts in order to avoid data discrepancy she said adding that the commission has also prepared a strong monitoring and evaluation guideline.

House of Peoples’ Representatives Speaker Tagesse Chafo stated that streamlined and undeviating plan and report system is essential in order to achieve the plan.

He further accentuated that running result-oriented activities and preparing common standards of institutional building coupled with proper implementation of the plan will lead institutions to attain the desired goal.

Understanding that Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix is of pivotal in strengthening sustainable national, continental and international development goals of Ethiopia, he called up on the public sectors to move in unison to accurately respond to nation’s queries.

Presenting a paper about Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix of the 10 Years Development Plan, the Commission’s Deputy Commissioner Endalkachew Simie highlighted that the matrix is paramount importance in bringing structural transformation, assuring citizens’ benefit and safety thereby building a prosperous nation.

According to him, the monitoring and evaluation matrix includes different sectors, among others, macro economy, infrastructure, social development, legal services, environmental protection.

Participants ultimately agreed that actions should be taken against institutions which have shown shortcomings in due course of running activities in line with the proposed “one plan and one report” format. Being thankful for the matrix which is prepared by the Commission, Tagesse Chafo further called on all stakeholders to work hand in glove for the successful implementation of the system.

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