FCA says cooperative sector improving farmer’s livelihood


ADAMA – Federal Cooperative Agency (FCA) said that the sector is improving the lives of farmers and country’s economy by establishing small to large scale processing and input manufacturing industries to boost the production capacity of the agriculture sector.

Federal Cooperative Agency Director Osman Surur said that the cooperative sector is playing key roles in modernizing the agriculture and creating direct market linkage between producers and buyers.

Addressing the six-month performance review forum of federal and regional cooperative agencies, the director noted that the sector is also catalysing the social and economic developments of the country and improving saving and investment and job creation.

As to him, the cooperative sector has been laying foundation for the improvement of farmers’ lives through commencing various projects.

Among such projects is the coffee processing industry named ONE-KOO Koffee which has been built by Oromia Coffee Producers Cooperative Union at the cost of 50 million Birr at Gelan town, Oromia regional state, he added.

The industry has enabled farmers incorporated in the union to be transformed from coffee-producer to industry owner. It is also expected to contribute for the development of country’s economy, he noted.

“The cooperative associations will develop a great capacity to change the life of member farmers and contribute to the development  of the country if they work in partnership,” he indicated.

Various factories built in Amhara State by the Admas Multipurpose Farmers’ Cooperative Union recently inaugurated aimed at availing notable economic benefit to member farmers and the local community, he mentioned.

The cooperative sector in the country is showing improvements although a lot remain to be done in the future to facilitate the essentials of development for citizens, according to the director.

Efforts are being made to alleviate the high cost of living in the country by creating direct linkages between cooperative associations that incorporate producers and consumers to deliver products to the community at an affordable price, it was learnt.

The Ethiopian herald February 19/2021

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