Ministry secures 169.5 bln Birr in seven months

• Sets legal framework to reward, motivate legal tax payers


ADDIS ABABA- The Ministry of Revenue has collected 169.5 billion Birr over the past seven months of this fiscal year. Of which, 50 percent of the revenue was collected from high taxpayers, said Minister Lake Ayalew.

Speaking at a forum organized by the ministry to discuss issues with senior taxpayers and other stake holders, Lake further stated that it was planned to collect 169.4 billion Birr during the past seven months. Compared to the same period last year, the performance showed an increase of 22.1 bln birr or 15 percent growth. Fifty percent of the revenue is collected from top taxpayers.

Being thankful for tax paying communities, who are paying their taxes on time, he called on those who are making fraud in tax system to refrain from such fraudulent acts.

He also elucidated government’s readiness to serve legal tax payers priority adding that higher taxpayers should be role models through respecting the country’s tax laws.

Moreover, the minister accentuated that the ministry has prepared a framework that can highly appreciate legal tax payers across the nation.

As to him, the framework which is sent to the Council of Ministries for its ratification will help legal tax payers get priority on every public sector including the Ethiopian Air Lines and Hotels.

He said there are traders who are harming the country by printing fake receipts, demanding improper returns, preparing under and over invoice and embezzling the country’s wealth in the name of taxpayers. He urged taxpayers who were going astray to refrain from doing so.

Senior Taxpayer Branch Office Manager, Taresa Enessu, on his part said that his office has collected 79.89 billion Birr during the last seven months mentioning among its plan to collect 120 billion Birr in the current fiscal year. He also said 20.6 billion Birr was collected from deficit, adding that 45.23 billion Birr will be collected by the next five months.

Pointing out there is a growing trend of tax fraud in the country among the trade  communities in different techniques of fraud, he explained that efforts are being made to well address such abusive moves.

National Bank of Ethiopia Governor, Dr. Yinager Dessie (Ph.D), on his part said traders who commit tax evasion and receipt fraud are making more damage to every legal taxpayer parallel with what they do against the country. He further said that the government should strengthen its efforts to get these illegal traders out of the market.

The government will work to alleviate the problems faced by the Commercial Banks and other legal financial institutions coupled with providing necessary assistance to taxpayers who want to increase their income through performing legal tax payment, he noted.

The Ethiopian Herald March 3/2021

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