Fake Aksum incidents bad bargaining chip: Jeff Pearce


 ADDIS ABABA – Historian and Novelist Jeff Pearce denounced Amnesty’s fake report on alleged incidence in Axum.

A brief report written by the author indicated that the whole accusation behind the Axum incident was a lie since the facts are telling another story although the TPLF accusation was to invite international intervention into the law enforcement.

“I spoke yesterday for a few minutes by phone with Seife Deribe, the CEO of the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), who insists there was no massacre and calls Amnesty’s report as barrage of misinformation,” he wrote.

He mentioned Seife for saying that reporters for ENA were in Axum from November 29 to 30 and saw no signs of fighting, let alone widespread, indiscriminate killing. In fact, they spoke to servants for the Church of St. Mary of Zion in Aksum.

According to them, things were subdued, with folks enjoying the celebration of St. Mary peacefully, Seife cited.

Seife reportedly said that there was fighting between the TPLF and the federal army weeks before. And the TPLF were heavily attacking Axum Airport before being pushed out by government forces.

“I think this is full of politics,” he noted.     There are other things about Amnesty’s report that simply don’t add up. On the day that the incidents were supposedly took place in the middle of the town, Debretsion Gebremichael was claiming the TPLF had not only downed a federal military plane and captured its pilot, but that it had also retaken Aksum, it was learnt.

If the Mai Koho fight was a real happening, but the TPLF lost as in the Amnesty report. That means Debretsion lied to Reuters months ago about retaking the historic town, the report found out.

The Ethiopian Herald  6 March 2021

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