ENDF eliminates TPLF remnants in eight fronts: Lt. Gen.Bacha Debele


 ADDIS ABABA- The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) announced that it has completely eliminated remnants of the TPLF Junta that used to operate in eight areas in Tigray State.

In a press conference he gave yesterday in connection with the ENDF’s last week operations in Tigray, Lt.Gen Bacha Debele said that the ENDF launched successful attacks and control small military training centers and the security leaders of the criminal group.

Noting that the TPLF Junta leaders would be no longer being protected by troops, Lt. Gen. Bacha stated that modern military technologies have been employed to destroy TPLF remnants.

“Tough the faction has not the capacity to defend itself; we use the modern technologies to avert human loss.”

According to him, TPLF juntas’ leftovers operated in the area with a view to creating a blockade to the roads that take to Mekelle aimed at affecting the food supply to the people of Tigray.

About the attempts of junta to escape to Sudan, Lt. Gen. Bacha said that the ENDF have made enough preparation to block the attempt in any direction.

The Ethiopian Herald April 14/2021

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