Sudan’s adherence to AU-led GERD talks promising: Ambassador

ADDIS ABABA – Sudan’s recent remark about its adherence to African Union-led talks in the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a promising step that would help the three negotiating countries to reach consensus, according to Ethiopian Ambassador to Sudan.

In its recent press release, Sudan’s Foreign Ministry has decided to continue AU led GERD talks. Approached by the local media, Ambassador Yibeltal Aemro stated that Ethiopia appreciates Sudan’s stance to continue GERD talks under the auspices of the AU and consider the former’s decision would have a positive outcome in the negotiations.

“Ethiopia encourages this move as it is a positive step to help benefit all parties. However, Sudan’s activity to get support from African countries out of AU trajectory would complicate the effort,” he opined.

 Egypt and Sudan have made continuous attempts to enforce Ethiopia sign a binding agreement that will restrict its future Nile River utilization. “Though Sudan’s decision holds a political implication, its commitment to continue the talks under the umbrella of AU is promising and constructive.”

As the remaining issues in the GERD talks are technical, not political, the three countries could device mechanisms to address the sticking points. “Ethiopia have the firm believe in seeking African solutions to African problems and we believe the ongoing AU- led negotiation would bring positive results for all involving parties”

Ethiopia is committed to peaceful resolution of the border dispute with Sudan based on the existing joint mechanisms and legal documents, and it has scrupulously followed the situation, the ambassador remarked.


The Ethiopian Herald May 1/2021

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