Ministry expanding small-scale irrigation amid food security

ADDIS ABABA-The Ministry of Agriculture announced that Participatory Small-Scale Irrigation Development Program (PASSIDP II) has been helping a significant number of farmers in ensuring food security through small-scale irrigation scheme.

As to the information obtained from the Ministry, the program has been benefiting farmers through constructing small-scale irrigation schemes at different localities where food insecurity is chronic.

The Ministry stressed that the project has been operating in Tigray, Amhara, Oromia, South Nations Nationalities and peoples and Sidama states.

The ministry further stated that at the time of the introduction of the project, it was planned to work on 115 Kebeles, to coordinate channels of development and drainage activities and enhance women economic empowerment, and runs activites accordingly.

The Ministry further noted that currently the program is operating in 90 Kebeles and has been developing 9,000 hectares of land using irrigation schemes. Besides, it has been building 115 irrigation schemes to benefit a number of citizens.

Also, the program was designed aiming at benefitting over 108,000 households through developing 18,400 hectares of land until 2024.


The Ethiopian Herald May 14/2021

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