Association to focus on addressing tourism challenges

ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Tourism Journalists Association (ETJA) disclosed yesterday that it has been exerting full potential to device relevant solutions to tourism sector challenges across the nation. The Association has gained a legal personality as of yesterday and has been exerting full potential to fill gaps in the sector integrating with its counterparts in various spheres.

During the ceremony it has officially  declared to go operational, Tourism Ethiopia (TE) Director General Silish Girma said that the main purpose of the occasion is to add value in the tourism sector through disseminating ideas using different Media outlets across the country. The association would in particular play a great role in raising awareness among the community, promote the sector at large level, provide relevant and timely information and build the image of the country.

According to the Director General, the tourism sector has been facing different challenges emanating from either manmade or natural factors. Therefore, the association has to be backed to help it play an indispensable role in solving the problems the sector is facing via encouraging its members. To end this, TE has planned to prepare annual plan in collaboration with the association so as to solve the problems in the future. Likewise, TE has also planned to build tourism Journalists capacity via providing them with trainings at both local and international levels.

Association president Henok Seyum for his part said that even the tourism sector in Ethiopia has accounted for six decades,  the country is not benefiting out of it as it deserves for various reasons. As to him, lack of integration, inadequate promotion and little attention given to the sector are attributable to its low level of success.

The President further stated that tourism can be identity of a given nation. For example, Ethiopia Tourism has been promoting the exact Coffee origin, sesame, and the like. However, the media have to attach due emphasis to the tourism sector so as to help it contribute a lot to the sustainable development and benefit of the country.


The Ethiopian herald May 15/2021

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