Ethiopian diaspora uphold commitment to GERD

The Ethiopian Diaspora interaction has been increasing in various fields. The Diaspora communities residing in Germany and neighboring countries have discussed ways of increasing engagements in the national projects such as the current status of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and trilateral negotiation under AU led process.

The Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Dr. Sileshi Bekele, briefing the Diaspora on the current issues of the GERD said that Ethiopia adheres on the principles of equitable and reasonable utilization.

Under the coordination of the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Germany, the Ethiopians living in Germany have donated 3 million Birr to the GERD and reaffirmed that they will raise their participation in other national issues.

The Minister explained that the construction of the dam is 86 percent complete, adding that the work is being carried out with great patriotism.

He said Ethiopia will continue to develop its natural resources without harming any sub-basin.

He called on Ethiopians around the world to support the dam and realize that it is more fortunate to be part of this generation.

The Special Envoy and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Germany, Mulu Solomon for her part thanked the Diaspora members who responded to the national call and said that the completion of the Renaissance Dam will have great economic stimulus and many social benefits.

Ambassador Mulu said Ethiopians living in Germany and those of Ethiopian descent who are living in neighboring countries should stand together and contribute to the unity and development of the country, adding that they are “determined sons and daughters of Ethiopia”.

The Embassy has prepared a special donation and bond purchase pledge form for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and the participants pledged to continue their patriotic and courageous support until the dam sees completion.

The Director General of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Selamawit Dawit, on her part, thanked Ethiopians living in Germany for their active development and support of the Grand Renaissance Dam. She also called for greater support.

Selamawit said the Diaspora needs to strengthen its unity and stand up for the country more than ever.

Speaking on behalf of the FDRE Consulate General in Frankfurt, Ubha Mohammed said that the history of the Nile has changed and that the Nile is now close to its people.

Finally, Ambassador Mulu called on Ethiopians and Ethiopian descent everywhere to be part of this sacred history by filling out the pledge form of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and donating to their grand project.

Economic Researcher Aklilu Negusse, praised that such a move by the Ethiopian Missions is very laudable adding that Diaspora scholars have more wisdom. “Just in UK countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), scientists in every filed at least every University has best Ethiopian scientists that the nation can use. Such area should be potential area of engagement for the diasporas in Germany”. He thanked for all the hard work and the effort to update the people in overseas. This is a witness of dedication among the Diaspora communities to contribute more.

“Our designated embassies need to do more to reach out Ethiopian communities abroad and double the effort.”

Another researcher Elias Elliot stated that it’s really important to mobilize all Ethiopian Diasporas in this way. My suggestion in this regard is for the Ethiopian missions abroad to have an up close interaction with Ethiopians working in UN agencies and international development organizations.

On the same move, the Ethiopians living in Belgium and Luxembourg have provided assistance to those internally displaced and in need in various parts of the country pledging more than 282,000 Birr during the talks.

The Ethiopian Ambassador to Belgium, Hirut Zemene, addressed the participants on the current situation in the country.

Ambassador Hirut Zemene said that despite the government’s efforts to rehabilitate the displaced and injured, Ethiopians living abroad and those of Ethiopian descent should support the government’s efforts.

Following the opening speech, Gaas Ahmed, Chairman of the Diaspora Support Committee in Belgium and Luxembourg, said that being able to support those in need in our country is a fulfillment of our Ethiopian duty.

The Coordinating Committee also called on the participants and others who attended the event to buy and return tickets to Addis Ababa, a free economic segment donated by Ethiopian Airlines to the program.

Ambassador Hirut added that the fundraising process has been successfully carried out by the Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels and a fundraising committee for the needy in the country.

The participants expressed their strong hope that the fundraising process will not stop there and will continue to be strengthened by various associations.


The Ethiopian Herald May 18/2021

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