Ethiopia to construct four expressways connect with East Africa

ADAMA – In a bid to enhance intraregional trade and people-to-people relations, Ethiopia plans to construct four expressways that connect the capital Addis Ababa with neighboring countries in the coming ten years, the Ministry of Transport disclosed.

Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges made the above remark over the weekend whilst inaugurating the 1st phase of the Adama-Awash expressway project which was graced by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD). Dagmawit said on the occasion that the master plan for the construction of four expressways that will run from Addis Ababa’s four gates is near to completion.

As to her, the expressways would have an important role to strengthen Ethiopia’s economic, social and political ties on a continental scale. The road connectivity would also increase flow of tourists to historical and natural tourist attraction sites in the East African region. Dagmawit further noted that the expressways would have a significant role in attracting foreign direct investment by availing standard road facilities for businesses.

It is to be recalled that Premier Abiy laid a foundation stone for the construction of the first phase of Adama-Awash expressway, Adama-KM 60, project which is part of Ethio-Djibouti transport corridor. The construction of the 60-km expressway is underway in 6.7 billion Birr that is secured from African Development Bank (AfDB).

Whilst the first project is set to be completed within four years, the bid for the second phase of Adama-Awash expressway project that covers 70 km is underway. In his remark at the inauguration, Abiy highlighted the economic significance of the road. Upon completion, the road would play paramount importance in connecting the business community, he remarked.


The Ethiopian Herald June 1/2021

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