“Incoming government should ensure GERD’s Completion”: Voters, observers


ADDIS ABABA – In a bid to ensure post-election stability, the elected government should give priority to the completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Election observers and voters who took part in the election in Addis Ababa said.

Debebe Tessema, who casted his ballot in Yeka Sub-City, told The Ethiopian Herald that the winning party of the highly-contested elections would have huge responsibility to complete the GERD and employ meticulous approach in the dam’s negotiations.

According to him, all Ethiopians contributed what they have for the mega project and are eagerly waiting for its completion. “I strongly call for the winning party to give due attention to complete the project as early as possible.”

Though it is difficult to tell at this juncture which party would emerge winner, it should address the social, economic and political interest of the public at the grassroots including those who did not vote for it, Debebe added.

Fekadu Urge was an observer in Akaki Kality Sub-City and he stated that the winning party has a huge duty to complete the country’s flagship project, as the public is desperately looking for its completion and benefit from the execution.

Also, the party who wins this democratic election is responsible for answering public demands and facilitating the country’s development, Fekadu noted.

“I cast my ballot for the party I believe to serve my best interest and I have seen the result in my polling station, but the question for me is not who has won the election, rather I am considering about how committed the coming party is to complete the GERD,” said Walelign Yilma, a resident of Arada Sub-City.

Walelign stressed that the winning party needed to work tirelessly to couple meticulous diplomatic approaches with the efficiency of completing the undergoing  projects, particularly the GERD during the postelection period. “Whoever comes to power, completing the GERD should be the priority task as it is a matter of life and death for every Ethiopians.

Applauding the process of this year’s Election, he pointed out the election is one of the most important steps in building democracy in terms of unprecedented voters’ turnout. “It also reminded me of the Election 2005. I can say that there were not fair elections during the past decades,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Women Association Observer Tizta Zeleke in Arada Sub-City polling station 12/13 said that both the casting and counting processes of the elections were free and democratic.

The Ethiopian Herald June 23/2021

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