A technology that is promising to fair business system


Inflation in Addis Ababa and across the country, as studies have shown, basically emerges to some extent from lack of market information among the consumers. Since Majority of the Consumers does not have enough information about the market situation, they pay the price the traders say. The city administration has made several efforts to address this issue, but the problem remains unresolved fully. Science and Technology Agency of The City Administration is developing software that can alleviate information shortages and other problems related to marketing and exchange.

The software being developed is called Business and Market Analysis Information System. The new software allows the system to be up-to-date and keep track of the price of on-screen merchandise on web site or on screens by the roads. It allows the consumers to see the commodities’ price of the day parallel to the previous day.

Addis Ababa City Administration Science and Technology Agency Director General, Abraham Sermolo said that the Agency has been carrying out various activities in the past years to solve the problems of the business system. The Agency has been successful in network infrastructure, system development, and other capacity building. The recently launched Business and Market Analysis Information System project has the potential to improve the city’s service delivery.

The system will be of great benefit to the business sector. It will also be of great importance by conducting business and market data analysis and creating a fertile ground for the public to be aware of the current market conditions, Abraham said.

The project, which costs a total of 25 million Birr and is expected to be completed in eight months, will reduce the community’s cost of living. It helps to have a clear, accessible and fair trading system, he stressed.

He further stated that data analysis has also been begun on the project so far. The process of enriching the system is underway and the inputs needed for the system are already imported into the country.

Fantaye Mekonnen, Project Manager of the Company which is developing the system by taking the system from the Agency, for her part said that an unfair trade system has been a problem in the city. For instance, the same kind of goods is sold at different prices in different parts of the city. This is basically due to lack of marketing information system. Commendably, the new system will put a means in place that solves this problem. It will play an important role in market stability. It also promotes a legal business system.

Although much work is being done to modernize the city’s service delivery, the problems of the city administration remain complex, entrenched and accumulated, making it difficult to solve and bring about change in the same process underway so far.

Hailu Lule, head of the Addis Ababa City Public Service and Human Resource Development Bureau, on his part said that it is important for the city administration to modernize its system with technology, digitalize it, and create a competent human capital that is ethical, knowledgeable and professional who can use the technology.

Hailu further elucidated that it is important to take a step forward from the current situation of the city by undertaking various technological updates. He added that the trade and marketing software is crucial and will enable the existing service to move forward. While there is a mismatch between supply and demand in the country and in the city as well, there is no marketing system based on competition. It is a technological breakthrough that can be used to update the entire business system by providing accessible information to the public, consumers and traders. He further said that all efforts are needed to ensure that the technology is completed in a timely manner with the required quality.

Jantrar Abay, Public Service Institutions’ Coordinator of the city at the Deputy Mayor status, said that industry, infrastructure and technology development are the three main areas that the city administration pays special attention to. Technology expansion is one of the three priorities, but not much has been done to reach the level it has to be. For instance, in many places, services are not free of touch and are not supported by technology. So it requires a lot of work.

The new software will help solve business problems, which are one of the main sources of grievances, as well as support the business with technology. Once the technology is operational, on one hand, the system will speed up the service and on the other hand, it will create opportunities for people to get information and move on to development, he said.

The new software development strategy being implemented is relied on to alleviate public grievances and misconduct in the business sector. It will help establish a legitimate business system and correct irregularities, he stressed.


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