Alternative ways to enjoy Addis Ababa, economic value of its mega projects


 Addis Ababa has paramount attraction with its precious and diverse natural gifts, day to day cultural activities of its dwellers as well as its historical tract and the process of the establishment of the city and its long history which makes it unique. Beyond these, the geographic location of the city with its sumptuous climate condition becomes another comfort to the tourists visited the city before. Most tourists witness that the hospitality of the people and delicious foods in the cultural restaurants are really unforgettable.

Currently, the newly inaugurated Addis Ababa mega projects are changing the livelihoods and immensely contributing in the reviving tourism industry.

Recently, the Meskel Square was inaugurated after renovated to become one of the most standardized huge open squares in Africa.

During the inauguration of Meskel Square Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe said that the inauguration of numerous mega projects in Addis Ababa have brought about significant outcomes for residents and the economy of the metropolis.

She highlighted that the successful execution of mega projects including Unity, Sheger and Entoto parks and Meskel Square, among others have brought tangible results in ensuring the socio-economic benefits of residents and generating a sizable number of jobs for the youth.

Accordingly, the smart parking, green cafeterias, and other services providing small shops installed in Meskel Square employed a significant number of citizens. “The Meskel Square-Municipal project is not only a project but it is a showcase to demonstrate our ability and perseverance to discharge such a mega project in a timely manner. The Square would host various political, social, economic and religious events including sports activities,” she remarked.

Experts in the tourism industry commended the commitment of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and Addis Ababa city administration staff in beautifying the city. The newly accomplished city’s tourism projects play significant role in stimulating the country’s tourism industry through attracting numerous international tourists’.

Tourism Development Expert Yonas Andargie applauded the timely completion and inauguration of the Meskel Square, Unity, Sheger, and Entoto park projects. The execution of the projects without delay plays an indispensable role in  promoting the tourism sector.

Adding he said: “The newly inaugurated projects make Addis Ababa one of the most preferable destinations for international tourists thereby enabling the metropolis generating substantial revenue from the sector.”

As to the expert, the government is expected to draft a conducive policy framework, ensure peace and stability and promote investors’ participation to ensure sustainable growth in the tourism industry and providing jobs to new entrants of the labor market. Apart from stimulating Ethiopia’s tourism industry, Unity, Sheger, and Entoto parks encourage local and multinational investors to explore new investment opportunities in the untapped sector. Likewise, the effective completion of projects would enhance the city’s capacity to host international trade shows, conferences, sport events and concerts thereby enhancing foreign currency earnings.

More importantly, Meskel Square will host various cultural, arts, fashion, political, economic and plenty of international as well as continental conferences and events. The high level security, economical and infrastructural progresses that are now being registered across the nation would be attributable to the growing international tourists’ inflow to the city.

 Due to all these, many are wondering its attractions and the city is getting more attention and is now admired by tourists from abroad. Ethiopians are well known for their hospitality. A melting pot of a diverse array of ethnic groups Addis could be taken a model of Ethiopia. The marvelous traditions, cultures, holidays, togetherness, comfy climatic endowment; unique, diversified, peaceful and beautiful nation, nationalities and peoples elevate the city as well as the country in general to be the most preferred tourist destination.

The economic growth and infrastructural developments are highly showing a sustainable progress in all sectors and in all places and cities of the country including Addis Ababa.

The city is abundant with places appealing to visitors. Some of the notable places in the city include among others the biggest open market called Mercato. The Meskel Festival (The festive which is registered by UNESCO as one of the intangible world heritages) is one of the colorful events that take place at Meskel Square. Thousands of international tourists gather annually for commemorating the founding of the true cross.The other significant religious festival that attracts many to Addis is Timket (the Ethiopian Epiphany) that commemorates the baptism of Jesus by the Ethiopian Ortodox Church takes place at the huge open space Jan Meda.

And the other one is the Entoto Mountains which is located at the northern corner of Addis in a position that affords a panoramic view to the city enables tourists to enjoy their time in a calm place. Entoto is a spectacular destination for tourists who enjoy hiking and adventure in a dense forest.

If one comes to the city for any reason, one should not lose the opportunity of visiting the whole ancestor of mankind and humanity named Lucy. You will get a chance to observe the female fossilized skeleton of Lucy at the Ethiopian National Museum.

What is more, the Unity Park located inside the Menelik palace is open for tourists. It accumulated various endemic animals and ancient Ethiopian cultural heritages. Sheger Park is also the new gift of the city to its residents and tourists.

According to the Federal Jobs Creation Commission, over 2.8 million people were employed during the past nine months of the current Ethiopian budget year in vari¬ous sectors. The service sector takes the lion’s share through comprising 41 percent of the total jobs created during the report period.This indicates the growing contribution of the country’s tourism sector and its effectiveness to create massive job opportunities.

The Ethiopian Herald June 27/2021

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