Addis building 3.8 bln. Birr worth BRT lanes


ADDIS ABABA – Out of the 15 identified Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects in the metropolis, the construction of two BRT lanes have been commenced and are progressing well, so disclosed Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Bureau.

The two BRT lanes with an outlay of 3.8 billion Birr are being built in a bid to modernize transportation system in the city, it was learnt.

The lanes are from Jemo to Winget and from Torhayloch to Qerra, which have been constructed with an outlay of 2.2 billion ETB and 1.5 billion Birr respectively, and are expected to be finalized within two years, he underscored.

Approached by The Ethiopian Herald, Bureau Head, Eng. Sitotaw Akale said that the process to construct the remaining 13  projects is also waiting for final approval from pertinent bodies.

“As the BRT lanes are constructed only for bus transportation, no traffic congestion won’t be observed and this will help the capital realize swift, accessible, secured and safer transportation,” he added.

According to Sitotaw, road corridors planned to be constructed in the coming 10 years are: from Hayat-Tulu Dimtu, and Entoto- Jemo in all directions to easily connect places and help residents travel from every corner of the city without difficulties.

“Upon completion, the projects will provide residents with economic advantage with much lesser time saving petroleum costs,” he added.

“In relations to railways expansion, the administration has been conducting research to avoid challenges from which residents are suffering. Generally, regarding 10 years plan, the city administration has targeted to construct 200 km road infrastructure development that can incorporate both bicycle and pedestrian walkways side by side other infrastructural development.”

Meanwhile, the city administration has rented some 500 private mass transport buses to meet the ever-soaring transportation demand. The city has 10,000 taxes, 10,000 lada taxies and nearly 1,000 Mass transport buses. Using these vehicles, city administration has been providing transportation service for 3 million residents per day. Hence, there is significant progress in transportation service.

Some 400 supportive Mass transport vehicles are also providing residents with transportation service supplementing the existing vehicles.

To make swift and accessible transportation service, the bureau has commenced new buses procurement process. This year the administration is heading to import 500 buses and has planned to import some 3,000 Mass transport buses within two years. This combined infrastructural development will realize city’s swift inclusive transportation, he said.

“The newly imported buses will start providing transportation service in Ethiopian New Year. This will significantly helpful combined with existing vehicles to realize swift transportation service in the city.”

“As road safety is not the only duty of the drivers and relevant actors, the bureau has created conditions to include road safety in education curriculum with a view to teaching students at all levels about it,” he added

The Ethiopian Herald June 29/2021

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