COVID-19 3rd wave appearing in Ethiopia, delta variant not yet


ADDIS ABABA – While the presence of COVID-19 Delta variant in Ethiopia should still be verified, there are symptoms that a 3rd wave of the virus outbreak has occurred, said Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI).

As an indication, the Institute said, three weeks ago, the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus was low. On average, only 70 individuals were reportedly infected with the virus in a day, but the number climbed rapidly reaching 476 cases last week which was the highest number since the end of the 2nd wave.

Out of 100 samples, the incident was 1 to 2, and has increased to more than three to seven last week. On the other hand, patients in the intensive care unit were on average 124 individuals three weeks ago which doubled to 228 last week.

EPHI and the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with partner organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, have been working to prevent and control COVID-19 virus before and after it occurred in the country.

According to EPHI data, after the end of the 2nd wave, there are signs that a third wave may occur due to some negligence in the community as well as the improper implementation of the COVID-19 prevention methods.

“We urge service providers, health professionals, educators and other stakeholders to take ownership and responsibility in the prevention and control of COVID-19 vaccination, proper hygiene and distance, as well as vaccination against COVID-19 vaccine.”

The Ethiopian Herald August 4/2021

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