Advancing healthcare facilities to provide efficient services


Ethiopia since the two decades has been executing a number of programs in unprecedented and unwavering manner to improve the health sector; expand the coverage and make sure that all individuals have access to affordable healthcare services. Giving due emphasis to this, it has also been working untiringly to turn the commitment into tangible actions. As a result, substantial improvements are registered in various areas.

With this same target, the country has also signed the International Health Partnership plus (IHP+) compact, that upholds the principle of harmonization and alignment seriously – “One plan, one budget and one report” framework.

As studies indicate, this “One plan – One budget – One report” initiative was devised to underpin the process of harmonization and alignment in the health sector institutions to provide coordinated and effective efforts and predictable funding in support of results-oriented national plans and strategies.

 The initiative is a single program framework that helps health institutions and development partners to focus and share resources for productive services thereby ensure quality services and let improve the satisfaction of communities in more organized fashion through making the development process highly participatory.

 And in the case of Ethiopia, the whole notion of ‘One Plan, One Budget, One Report’ is that all stakeholders work together for the benefit of the Ethiopian health sector. As a result, the process of alignment and harmonization has made good progress in Ethiopia, as the documents stated.

 Recently Oromia State Health Bureau carried out experience sharing forum with the delegation of Central Africa Republic with regard to One plan – One budget – One report planning, implementation and evaluation procedures.

Speaking on the occasion, Bureau’s Deputy Head Dereje Abdena said that One plan – One budget – one report is a mechanism that enables to align and harmonize resources that has made good progress in Ethiopia, become one of the good performing nation in putting in place well organized service.

“We are excited and happy because we are nominated to share our experiences regarding ‘One plan – One budget – One report’ initiative to our African brothers and sisters.”

It is clear that health service is a huge sector that demands the active participation of many stakeholders to work for productive result. In view of this, the State has been exerting efforts to ensure universal health coverage through various strategies.

 Yes, Ethiopia has formulated its health policy a decade ago with an emphasis on increasing access for both preventive and promotive health services to all segments of the population through primary health care approach.

For the realization of the formulation of health policy, the country has also developed and implemented four successive health sector development plans (HSDP) followed by health sector transformation Plan (HSTP), he elaborated.

According to him, before the implementation of ‘One’ principle at the level of health facilities, there was no an aligned plan across the various levels of health sector administration including development partners and planning and reporting were given less attention. Moreover, there were many procedures and criteria to do a single task- to report to various facilities which resulted in the duplication of reports and creating a hectic work environment. What is more, NGOs were operating freely in accordance with their own priority areas and efficient professionals were not assigned to the right position.

However, the Bureau has now learnt the gap and put in place the practice of ‘One plan – One budget – One report that led to harmonization and alignment. “The Bureau has also established a structure that oversees the progress of the initiative.”

The Central Africa Republic delegation has also drawn a lesson from the Bureau on how ‘One plan – One budget – One report’ was exercised at various health facilities. They also visited Chancho and Moye Gajo health posts as well Chancho Hospital.

Delegation Head and Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Central Africa Manzibahi Chantali on his part said that the experience  they gained from the Bureau and respective health posts is important. The delegation team also appreciated the whole procedures and the documentation processes of the ‘One plan – One budget – One of the Bureau.

“We have noted that the whole implementation of One plan – One budget – One report has greater advantage in terms of bringing all resources to the pool and use for most important health matters. As it has substantial importance in advancing the health sector, we will present it to decision makers and hope to implement it in our respective health facilities accordingly,” she remarked.

The Ethiopian Herald August 6/2021

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