Ethiopia envisages global tourists preferred destination


ADDIS ABABA – Vigorous efforts are exerted for the tourism sector’s development and promote and preserve Ethiopia’s world-famous historical and cultural attractions with a view to making the country a preferred destination of global tourists, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) said.

MoCT Communication Director Alemayehu Getachew told The Ethiopian Herald that the limited attention attached to the tourism industry coupled with skill, promotional and market related gaps contributed to the sector’s unsatisfactory performance.

Alemayehu noted that the ministry has been carrying on various activities to encourage investors to engage in the construction of star-designated hotels, lodges and resorts across tourist attraction sites. Capacity building training has been offered to actors in the hospitality industry and enhances the capacity and quality of hotels to provide efficient services for commercial and conference tourists.

“Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s initiative for mega greenery projects including Friendship, Unity and Entoto parks in Addis Ababa and Wenchi, Gorgora, and Koyisha in Oromia, Amhara and SNNP states is believed to play a pivotal role in attracting sizable global tourists.”

The director further stated that the avid participation of Ethiopian Airlines and the Ethiopian Civil Aviation make the air transport seamless for global tourists. In terms of modernizing the communication system, ethio telecom is expanding its 4G advanced service across the country and work is underway to access the tourist destinations.

“The combination of these positive developments would help Ethiopia earn better revenue from the tourism industry and create sizable jobs for the growing youth.”

Also, various incentives including tax holidays, access to land at competitive lease price and custom free imports of capital goods have been provided for investors in the tourism sector, he explained.

It is to be recalled that during her remark at the joint session of the House of Peoples Representatives and House of Federation on last Monday, President Sahlework Zewde said that Ethiopia is desirous to see the leading involvement of global investors in tourism and hospitality industry.

Ethiopia has abundant potential for commercial and conference tourism and has numerous tangible and intangible attraction sites named as world heritage sites by UNESCO.

The Ethiopian Herald October 8/2021

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