Benishangul-Gumuz looks to lure investors in mining, agriculture


ASSOSSA – Benishangul-Gumuz State has made fresh call for investors to exploit the investment opportunities in the state as the administration has ensured peace and stability to address security related problems across the state.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), state President Ashadli Hassan said that potential investors are highly encouraged to invest in agricultural and mining sectors since the state is immensely endowed with natural resources that make the investors and other stakeholders’ beneficiaries. “We work diligently to ensure peace and stability and create conducive environment to investors as the new government has given due attention to solve security problems in areas with high mineral resources,” he added.

The president said that besides investing in agriculture, the investors can explore the rich mineral resources such as coal, gold and other minerals the state is endowed with. “Investors can maximize their profits if they can appropriately use this golden opportunity.”

Besides, he underscored that the state is working thoroughly to wipe out the thorns terrorist TPLF had sowed in the investment, trade and mining sectors across the state in particular and the country in general.

“Owing to the fact the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is being constructed in our state, the place is somehow under internal and external pressure. Therefore, the state administration has determined to contribute to the success of the ambitious plan of the new government resolving the security situation in the area.”

As the terrorist TPLF is working together with some external and internal groups to create problems across the state and beyond, the state administration is playing its part in thwarting these conspiracies for once and for all.

President Ashadli underscored that his administration along with the federal government security sectors and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) is working hard to address the situations in Metekel and Kamashi in the state and create suitable environment for investment.

The Ethiopian Herald October 19/2021

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