Tourism actors applaud tourism ministry independent set up


ADDIS ABABA – Tourism sector actors stated that independently establishing the Ministry of Tourism would help the country swell the gain out of the sector.

Having a stay with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Culture and Tourism Journalist Henok Siyum said that since the government has not so far attached due emphasis to the sector over the past 60 years, the country has been incapable of garnering what it deserves out of the tourism sector.

Thanks to the incumbent government the sectors has been receiving special attention and has set up an independent ministry; this is the clear manifestation of the focus the government has paid to it.

Appreciating the expansion of tourism destinations in Addis Ababa, Henok said journalists have to advertise these destinations properly to well introduce them to help the nation have benefit from the sector. The best practices observed in Addis Ababa have to be expanded to other parts of the nation.

Tourism expert Kaleb Belachew on his part said that apart from autonomously establishing the ministry, government needs to review its tourism policies and strategies to well develop the sector.

He urged that the newly established ministry has to work hard for the realization of the accessibility of infrastructures and service rendering enterprises around the destinations.

Kaleb stressed that the government shall encompass the sector among the five economic pillars of the country.

He also recommended that the ministry should work to expand tourist destinations that have  been built in Addis Ababa to other areas of the country adding that if citizens add some values to natural tourism destinations; it is possible to get more.

The Ethiopian Herald October 19/2021

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