TPLF’s strings of war crimes against Amhara and Afar states


Following the declaration of the unilateral ceasefire by the government, the terrorist TPLF played a shameful drama attempting to show that they captured Mekele by their armed units while in reality they only entered the city simply because it was vacant.

Upon arrival into the city, they started to engage in a barbaric massacre of officials and civil servants who were working under the Interim Government of Tigray. They continued to kill innocent citizens who were accused of supporting the government of Ethiopia.

The ceasefire declared by the government of Ethiopia has shown to the world its good intentions, but true to its form, the TPLF terrorist group has chosen violence to peace. It has demonstrated that it cannot survive without engaging in conflict.

The federal government believed that the ceasefire would make TPLF cease hostilities. The government also paid sacrifices in declaring the ceasefire. It was a choice made consciously to give peace a last chance.

Since the federal government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the terrorist TPLF group has been committing atrocities in neighboring regions of Amhara and Afar targeting innocent civilians.

The group consequently wages a full-scale war against neighboring regions besides its oppression against the people of Tigray. TPLF terrorist group has indeed continued disrupting peace and order by attacking villages, killing innocent civilians, and destroying properties.

A series of brutal massacres have been committed against civilians. From Glaicoma of Afar state to Agamsa of Amhara state, the group horrifically killed innocent people including children. The group also shelled Debre Tabor town, killed members of the same family, and destroyed health care institutions and other infrastructures.

The terrorist TPLF has been sending a human wave of civilian fighters into Afar and Amhara regions attacking, killing, raping, and looting the community. The outlawed TPLF group has rather intensified its belligerent acts of war crimes.

Despondently, more than 500,000 civilians have been displaced from various parts of the Amhara and Afar regions by reason of the continued atrocities of the terrorist group. The criminal group has also continued terrorizing civilians, looting properties, destroying hospitals and health care centers, and killing civilians.

Similarly, the terrorist TPLF group has massacred 240 civilians including 107 children in its attack conducted Galicoma area in Afar Region. The attack was orchestrated by the terrorist TPLF and  targeted cities and schools in the “Kalikuma” area. Following the attack, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been displaced due to the heinous acts of the terrorist TPLF in Afar.

Despite the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire declared by the government, the terrorist group has continued its provocative attacks in the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions.

The terrorist TPLF has fired four shots of heavy artillery into Debre Tabor town and left five innocent people dead as its forces are being destroyed on several fronts in the Amhara regional state.

Five innocent people from the same family have been killed due to the terrorist group’s rocket attacks targeting civilians in the region. Several residential homes have also been demolished and properties were also damaged by the attack. The government has called on the international community to condemn the ongoing atrocities committed by the terrorist group against civilians in Amhara and Afar regions, as learnt form Amhara Media Corporation (AMC).

 The terrorist TPLF group has looted and pillaged the properties of poor farmers and brutally destroyed a large number of livestock in retaliation while retreating.

By the same token, the armed forces of the terrorist group executed the guards and robbed banks in Nifas Mewcha town, South Gondar Zone of Amhara Region. Gebriye Branch Manager of Commercial Bank Ethiopia (CBE), Alemnew Seyoum said the terrorist have robbed all the money and vandalized its entire properties. The terrorist group has destroyed ATM machines, furniture’s and invaluable documents, he said, adding that the damage inflicted by the invaders is estimated to be more than 1.8 million Birr.

Similar atrocities have been committed by the terrorist group in other places. The group has displaced people sheltered in Dessie city of Amhara regional state said that they have been subjected to inhuman treatment and abuse by the terrorist group TPLF which attacked neighboring states of Amhara and Afar.

Although the Government of Ethiopia declared a unilateral ceasefire with a view to facilitating the smooth flow of humanitarian aid in the Tigray region, the terrorist TPLF has continued with its provocative acts by expanding the conflict into the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions.

Reports revealed that the group has been committing several atrocities, including killings, rape, and looting, on civilians in the Amhara and Afar regions it invaded. Hundreds of thousands have also been displaced from their homes.

International media outlets that have been silent about the grave atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF, has at last divulged the truth. The Associated Press report exposed the atrocities of the group which included striking communities and a religious site with artillery, killing civilians, looting health centers and schools, and sending hundreds of thousands of people fleeing in the past two months.

In the town of Nefas Mewucha in the Amhara region, a hospital’s medical equipment was smashed. The fighters looted medicines and other supplies, leaving more than a dozen patients to die, AP revealed.

“It is a lie that they are not targeting civilians and infrastructures,” hospital manager Birhanu Mulu told Associated Press. He said his team had to transfer some 400 patients elsewhere for care. “Everyone can come and witness the destruction that they caused.”

The United States, which for months has been outspoken about the abuses against the group, this week turned sharp criticism on the TPLF, AP noted.

“In Amhara now, we now know that the (the TPLF have) … looted the warehouses, they’ve looted trucks and they have caused a great deal of destruction in all the villages they have visited,” the head of the U.S. Agency for Economic Development, Sean Jones, told the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Ethiopian Herald October 24/2021

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