Nation recognizes punctual taxpayer businesses


The third round Federal Taxpayers’ Recognition Ceremony was held on Thursday. On the occasion, some 300 registered businesses that have maintained transparent conduct and paid their taxes in a timely manner had been recognized and received certificates from the hands of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The number of businesses that received recognition for being punctual and honest taxpayers has increased by a hundred in comparison to last fiscal year. In addition, the heads of three companies, namely Herberg Rose P.l.c, Arduneja Trading P.l.c, and Upper Nile Trading, had been awarded special prizes for exposing corruption.

On the occasion, PM Abiy said that being punctual and loyal tax payer is the outcome of patriotism and pursuit of liberty.

The recognition is believed to encourage the entire business community to follow the lead of those who abide by the law and who do what is best for the common good.

The Ethiopian Herald October 24/2021

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