Agricultural risk management crucial to ensure sector competitiveness


ADDIS ABABA – Strengthening Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) through capacity development and investment is fundamental to ensure the sector competitiveness in the national economy, experts said.

Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM) Technical Specialist Jean Claude (PhD) told The Ethiopian Herald that agriculture is a risky business and the extreme weather condition and the Covid-19 pandemic raise the frequencyand the severity of agricultural risks in Africa.

 Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) is one of the most powerful ways available to develop agriculture, reduce global poverty and hunger, and contribute to social inclusion through a smart management of risk, he added.

As to him, ARM is fundamental to boost prosperity among the rural poor and cultivate sustainable and healthy food systems in the fastest growing African population.

“The ministry of agriculture as well as other technical and financial partners are expected to work jointly to identify innovative and solution-oriented initiatives on capacity development on agriculture and risk related issues to promote agricultural investment,” he said.

Ministry of Agriculture State Minister Meles Mekonnen (PhD) for his part said that implementing PARM promotes the agricultural extension system in the Amhara, Oromia, and Afar states.

PARM also supports to design a capacity development investment plan in agricultural risk management, he added.

According to him, based on the experience in the three states, the Ministry and PARM are in the process of designing a successful investment plan to scale up the capacity building for agricultural risk management in Ethiopia.

­The Ethiopian Herald October 29/2021

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