Farmers applaud cluster farming wheat production immense role


DURAMIE – Farmers in Kelama locality, Anegacha district of Kenbata Tenbaro zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ state (SNNPs) who have employed cluster farming announced that they have expected eight plus fold wheat production per hectare than the previous one.

Farmer Alemu Menge, 60, is one of the beneficiaries of cluster farming in the stated area. He told The Ethiopian Herald that their farming activities were traditional and they could hardly feed the family over the last many years as they seriously faced lack of adequate wheat produces from a given hectare.

A farmer enabled to produce five quintals of wheat per hectare over the past years. However, after employing cluster farming, this harvesting period, they expect to produce more than 40 quintal wheat product per hectare. Therefore, now they build a capacity to provide the market with maximum wheat apart from self-feeding.

According to Alemu, cluster farming has been playing a pivotal role in bringing farmers together to collaboratively work and produce much wheat than ever. He said, “Agricultural experts follow up and support as well as the pesticide supplied by the CHMETEX PLC has played a significant role in attaining the expected production this harvesting season.”

Likewise, Ayelech Habtie, a farmer and embraced with cluster farming in the same locality, on her part said that this type of farming system is unique for women because it is a viable means for women to come up with economic empowerment and a prompt drive towards decision making status.

She further said, “Cluster farming helps break negative societal attitude towards women which has heralded belittling woman as ‘they have to restricted at home.’I expect 50 quintal of wheat per hectare as the crop is found in a better position. We, farmers, need harvesting machine, or combiner, to avoid crop wastage in the years to come.”

Kelama Locality Agriculture Office Head, Ermias Abera on his part said that there are 147 farmers who have been embraced in cluster farming expectes 50 hectares of wheat this fiscal year.

 As to him, farmers in the locality lost so far many advantages following traditional agriculture. Farmers who have employed parcel arable lands were not adequately benefited over the past years. However, after the system, pieces of plots are combined together and help farmers produce abundant crops thereby making farmers ties much stronger.

It is expected over 2,000 quintals of wheat from 50 hectare this harvesting period in a single locality, he elaborated.

The Ethiopian Herald November 2/2021

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